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Forum » Call of Duty » Call of Duty: How to » How to: Make a free CoD4 Sever (My Guide) (How to: Make a free CoD4 Sever (My Guide))
How to: Make a free CoD4 Sever (My Guide)
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Check out my published article here:

Step 1: Getting the files

Buy and install the entire game onto the computer that you will be using to run the server from.

Step 2:Creating a shortcut

Now that you have the entire game installed onto the computer you will be using, you need to copy the multiplayer shortcut from your desktop.

Now paste the shortcut to your desktop and rename it to CoD4 Server, now right click on the new shortcut and go to properties.

Find the target field and at the END of the existing target add this... ***DO NOT DELETE ANY EXSISTING CODE***

+set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +exec mp-server.cfg +map_rotate

You will need a space between "iw3mp.exe" and "+set dedicated 2".

This is for running punkbuster, if you decide that you do not want to run punkbuster than delete that part of the command line.

Other optional commandline items:

+set net_ip
+set net_port xxxxx
+set fs_game mods/modwarfare

Part 3: Creating your config file

Go to your Call of Duty 4/main folder

This is the path C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main

Now that you are in the main folder you will need to create a new text file and rename it to, mp-server.cfg Or you can download the file included, this is the file you need.

Now you need to put a config into that new text file you just made, examples in google or check my threads for easy copy and pasting of configs.

Step 4: DirectX Files

For this part you have two options of what you want to do, you can either download the attached directX file:

or run this:

Now you need to upload the d3dx10_34.dll file to your Window's Servers system32 directory (Mine was in C:WINDOWSsystem32).

Step 5:Punkbuster

This step is only if you are wanting to run punkbuster on your server.

Download the pbsetup from evenbalance:

Now upload the pbsetup.exe file to your server, This file is not required to be in the CoD4 directories.

Run the pbsetup.exe and click add game, choose a CoD4 Server. You might need to browse for the iw3mp.exe file so pbsetup knows where your server is located.

Once you have added your CoD4 server, select the CoD4 server from the list and click "Check for Updates".

After downloading the needed files you should be ready to run your server.

Double click on your server shortcut, CoD4 should pop up in a window with your server running.

Step 6:Finding your ip address

Use this website to find your ip address,

This will be your server IP.

Step 7: Port Forwarding

You need to port forward if you are using a router, use to choose your router and figure out how to change the ports.

The required ports are:

UDP 20800
UDP 20810
UDP 28960

For Rcon commands: Click Here

Step 8: Connecting to your server

To connect to your server you will use your lan ip address. For everyone else they will use the ip that you got from

For windows XP users finding your local or lan ip address is very easy. Look at the bottom right of your toolbar and click on the two flashing computers, when you highlight then it should say Local Area Connection. Now double click on that and then click the support tab and there you go the ip address box is the ip you will use to connect to your server.

For windows vista users Click on the Windows "Start" button in the bottom left had corner of your screen. Then, in the "Start search" box just under "All Programs", type "cmd". Hit enter. A 'dos' window will pop up. Type "ipconfig". Hit enter. Windows IP Configuration information will come up. This information will include your IP address. It may be listed as "IPv4" address. To exit the 'dos' window, type "exit" at the blinking cursor.

If you are behind a proxy or local gateway you will not find your IP with "cmd". Go to web site (type in your browser or click a related link below) and you will see your IP. The second method always works.

Help from

Attachments: mp-server.cfg.txt(0.9 Kb)
Forum » Call of Duty » Call of Duty: How to » How to: Make a free CoD4 Sever (My Guide) (How to: Make a free CoD4 Sever (My Guide))
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