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Forum » Call of Duty » Call of Duty: How to » How to: Mod in CoD4(My Guide) (How to: Mod in CoD4(My Guide))
How to: Mod in CoD4(My Guide)
StingDate: Thursday, 2009-09-03, 4:42 PM | Message # 1
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Check out my published article here:

This is my guide to making a mod on Call of Duty 4.

I have put a file that contains all of this information in a notepad file, I ask that you do not remove the first line of text as this would be in direct violation of the copyright law. You can distribute this guide as you wish.

Step 1:Downloading Call of Duty 4 Mod Tools

This is a link to download the Mod Tools,;85947

You could also just search google for a site to download the mod tools from. Once you have downloaded the file place it into your Call of Duty 4 folder.

Step 2: Making your mod folder

You need to make a folder for your mod, to make this folder you need to do this (Windows)

This is the path C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare or you can follow this.

Start-> My Computer-> Local Disk (C:)-> Program Files-> Activision-> Call of Duty 4-> Mods-> Right Click-> New Folder-> "MyMod"

***This folder can be called anything, just make sure you change all the text that says "MyMod" to whatever you decide to name your mod.***

Step 3: Extracting the weapons

You will need to extract the weapons file, located in C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main iw_11

Use winrar to extract the file into your mod folder. Winrar download-

Step 4:Building the mod

Go to your Call of Duty 4 folder then click on bin and then MoDBuilder.exe, now that you have mod tools open and select your mod from the CSV drop down menu.

Look through all of the files that you want to mod, for example I want to select the G3, so I would scroll down to the MyMod\weapons\mp\g3_mp and click the >> button which will move that selected file over into the next column.

Then click New CSV leave the settings at blank and type in your mod name, in this case I would type in "MyMod" with no quotes. Select the Mod Builder tab and select "MyMod" from the drop down menu. In the two big boxes, you'll get two lists.

The list on the left is basically a list of the resources currently in your CSV file. The list on the right is all the files in your MOD folder. Check the things that you want to mod, make sure Build Fast File, and Build IWD File are both checked.

Step 5: Making a shortcut

Select the multiplayer shortcut or the singleplayer shortcut depending on which one you decided to mod, in this case we would select the multiplayer short and copy and paste to the desktop.

Right click it-> Properties. Then add to the target line:[ +set fs_game "mods/MyMod"] (copying only inside the brackets). This is your new shortcut to run your mod.

Step 6: Modding the weapons

This is the fun part of modding, Click on your new shortcut and open the weapons folder and mp or sp depending on which kind of mod you are making, mp in this example. Now that you have the weapons folder open you will see a large amount of files, select one that you want to mod.

In this case I will scroll down to g3_mp and open in notepad, now you will see everything about the gun. An easy way to find things is too hit [Ctrl]+[F] and this will bring up the option to search for text.

Some good codes to know to search for are:

laserSightDuringNightvision -Determines whether the gun will have a laser when night vision is on.
fireType -The weapons firetpye
maxAmmo -Max Ammo
clipSize -Clip Size
startAmmo -Starting Ammo
maxDamageRange -Maximum range that the gun will cause damage
reloadTime -The time it will take to reload

Step 7: How to try out your mod

Start up Call of Duty 4, change the mod to "MyMod" go to Create Server and hit ~ to bring up your console, then type /devmap mp_pipeline

This will put your game into the map pipeline and running your mod, you can do this for any map you just need to know the code for that map.

Step 8:Adding a mod like Open Warfare

This will tell you how to add an already built mod like Open Warfare. First you need to make sure that you can legally use the mod, second you need to download the file and place it into "MyMod" folder. In the case of the Open Warfare mod you will click on the Open Warfare folder after you place it into your mod folder. Then click on configs and you can change everything you want.

Make sure if you change anything for Open Warfare that you take the comment (//) lines away.

Open Warfare-

Attachments: ModGuide.txt(4.7 Kb)
Forum » Call of Duty » Call of Duty: How to » How to: Mod in CoD4(My Guide) (How to: Mod in CoD4(My Guide))
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