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Main » 2009 » July » 15 » My mod for Call of Duty 4
My mod for Call of Duty 4
6:37 PM
I've been working on a mod for the past few days. This mod is basiclly an extreme realism mod. It features the Open Warfare Mod: AKA: OW. I have modded some of the weapons of have the correct ammo count of the real weapon. Here is a list of the current features, also to be added will be the Open Warfare features.


-This mod features the Open Warfare mod.

-The SAW249 and the M60e4 now have realistic 200 round boxes, also the max ammo for each is increased as well as the starting ammo.

-The M14 series is now Full-Auto and Single Shot. It’s as simple as clicking a mouse button. ***Click for Single Shot and Hold Down for Full Auto.***

-The 9m Beretta is now the standard US Military series clip size of 15 rounds.

-The Winchester 1200 Marine Defender now loads 7 rounds.

-The M1014 Benelli now has the military internal magazine of 7.

-The G3 series is now Full-Auto and Single Shot. It’s as simple as clicking a mouse button. ***Click for Single Shot and Hold Down for Full Auto.***

-Both of the USP.45 pistols now has a laser in nightvision (this is the only gun in the game with the laser built on). Also the standard 12 round magazine

-The Remington 700 sniper rifle now has the standard 5 round internal magazine.

-The m21 is now silenced with a ghillie suit.

-Both of the shotguns have increased range to give a more realistic feel.

-Both of the Colt 45 magazines were fixed to the standard 7 round magazine.

-The Last Stand and Martyrdom perks are disabled.

-The Iron Lungs perk was disabled on all guns except the sniper rifles.

-Time before airstrikes, helicopters, grenades, rpgs, and 203's will activate at 30 seconds into the game.

-The helicopters max health was decreased to 500 health.

-When a player dies the screen will go black for 3 seconds.

-Time for health to regenerate to the full amount is increased to 30 seconds.

-The bleeding feature was turned on.

-The anti-bunny hopping feature was turned on, now when you jump your sights will slightly move, also the same for dolphin diving.

-The anti-camping feature is now turned on, you must move at least 200 inches within the span of 60 seconds.

-There is now a 50% chance that you will drop your weapon if you are shot in the hand.

-If you fall from a high place your legs will give out and you will fall to the ground.

-If you are shot in the leg theres a 50% chance that you will fall to the ground.

-Sprinting will affect your aim for 10 seconds after you finish running.

-Sniper rifles have range finders in yards, also the feature to zoom and unzoom.

-The CTF, DOM, KOTH, SAB, AND SD gametypes each have a safezone around objectives, this means that claymores and c4 cannot be placed with in 100 values from the objective.

-Weapons now have a weight modifier on them, this makes you slower when you use a certain weapon.

-Players are allowed to dynamically attach/detach weapon attachments.(Silencer and Acog).

-Weapons will now have a 1 in 250 chance of jamming.

-teamkilling will now negativly affect your score.

-The autobalance feature is now turned on.

-Virutal ranks are turned on.

-There are now 3 timeouts per team.

-Idle players will be forced into spectator after 60 seconds, and after 60 seconds in spectator kicked from the server.

-Gametypes include, assassination, capture and hold, capture the flag, domination, free for all, freeze tag, gun game, headquarters, sabotage, search and destroy, and team death match.

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wow i like u mod really mutch and i will play with u with u mod.
if i can i wil be really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi its redhawk here can i get u xfire adress + u ip to u server i mean u mod-server???????????

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2 reef  
wacko that last line made no sense

i was going to say that im still at work so i cant test it out. so have at it

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1 reef  
hey sting, i finally started up ur mod on my server for testing, the usual address


seems to load up well... but haven't i cant

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